BLACK ROCK VAPOR FLAVORS                        


100 ml bottle $27.00 in 0,3,6,12 nic levels

CHASING SHADOWS - strawberries and cream drizzled with caramel

CULTURE SHOCK - hard candy, sweet & tart, shockingly simple

DARKWAD - this banana split is LEGIT!

DEFAULT WORLD - a blend of honeydew & watermelon that will rock your world

EXODUS - banana nut bread fresh out of the oven

FLAME EFFECT - menthol, mango, peach, and lychee

GERLACH GOLFER - Arnie's favorite drink. Half iced tea/half lemonade

JAVA COW - creamy coffee ice cream

LEAVE NO TRACE - sweet sticky cinnamon buns

MOON WALKER - creamy butter pecan ice cream, no need for a spoon

POTLATCH - green apples, strawberries, and peaches

REALITY BENDS - a glorious raspberry & strawberry glaze

SENSORY OVERLOAD - an explosion of mango, peach & lychee

SPARKLE PONY -  one big bangin bottle of Nerdz candy

WHITEOUT - yellow cake with fresh cream filling

Disposable Bar Flavors 


BIG BAR DUO 2200 puffs $23

Melon Ice/Melon Peach Rings

Peach Ice/Lush Ice

Peach Gummy/Watermelon Gummy

Blue Razz Ice/Blue Razz Lemon

Hitt Maxx 1800 hits $20

Banana Ice

Melon Ice

Punched Ice

Blueberry Pom

Blue Razz Ice

Lush Ice

Maui Mango

Mystery Flavor 

Nana Berry

Peach Lemonade

Pineapple Dream

Pink Lemonade

Fresh Mint


Orange POP


Peanut Butter Cookie

Strawberry Milkshake

LOY FLOW XXL (2400 Puffs-$22)

Blueberry Slushie

Grape Slushie

Candy Lush

Dubble Bubble

Rainbow Candy

Banana Milkshake

LUSH DUAL (2500 Puffs- $25)


Banana Funnel Cake/Strawberry Ice cream

Orange/Green Apple

Blue Rasberry/Lemonade


Cherry Lemonade/ Double Berry 

Monster Bars

2500 Puffs $25

Blueberry Jam


Vanilla Custard


Mango Peach Guava


Passionfruit Orange Guava 

Lush Bars $8 (4 for $20)

Blue Raz Lemonade


SWITCH MOD $8 (4 for $20)

Lemon Tart

CALI BARS $8 (4 for $20)

Peach Ice


30ml $13.00  0,3,6,12,18,24 NIC

Caramel Apple                     

Tobacco Cherry

Menthol Classic                   




Orange Cream                     




30ml $13.00  0,3,6,12,18,24 NIC

Apple Cinnamon                                  



Black Cherry


Blueberry Chill

Candy Cane                                       

Classic Tobacco

Confetti Cake                       

Dura Bull - energy drink

Dura Dew - mountain drink                 

Fireball - cinnamon


Green Apple

Green Apple Chill                                

Kiwi Cream

Mint Chill

Peach Cream                                       

Pear Cream

Pina Colada                                         


Raspberry Chill                                    

Root Beer Candy

RY4 Tobacco       

Strawberry Chill

Sweet Tobacco                                    

Tobacco Menthol                            

Tobacco Virginia  

Watermelon Chil




60ml $21.00  0,3,6,12 NIC

120ml $32.00  0,3,6,12 NIC​

IV – strawberry, watermelon, hibiscus

IV On Ice – strawberry, watermelon, hibiscus with a hint of menthol

IV Reserve – strawberry, watermelon, hibiscus (90/10vg)

IV Sour – sour strawberry, watermelon, hibiscus



60ml $21.00 0,3,6,12 NIC

 Spearmint Gum



60ML $18.00 0,3,6 NIC

Watermelon Candy

Blue Razz Candy

Cotton Candy​


60 ml  $20.00 0,3,6,12​ NIC

100 ml $24.00 0,3,6,12 NIC


Bond - kiwi, strawberry and dragon fruit menthol


Harley Quinn - raspberry, sugar cookie & cream


100ml $27.00 3,6 NIC​

Kiwi Dragon Berry - kiwi, dragon fruit, & blueberries

Fiji Melons - Fiji apples, guava & watermelon

Banana Berry Puch - Berries, Pineapple & Bananas

Tropical Rainbow Blast - Berries & tropical rainbow sweets

Pear Apricot Papaya


100ml $27.00 0,3,6 NIC

Purple Sweet - super sweet grape candy with hints of juicy watermelon and guava

Sour Sweet - sour limes and tangy tangerine with notes of sweet strawberries

Sour Strings - sour rainbow candy mixed with sweet and juicy watermelon


   60ML  $18.00 or 2 for $20      0,3,6 NIC

Berry Blast

Berry Blast Ice

VCT-Vanilla Custard Tobacco

Cotton Clouds

            TAFFY 60ML $18.00 3,6 NIC

Blue Rasberry

Fruit Punch

Kiwi Watermelon


 Air Factory 60ml $18.00 3,6 Nic 

                   Blue Razz

             Coastal Clouds

Blood Orange  Mango Snow Cone

Guava Punch

Iced Mango Berries

Melon Berries

Sugared Nectarine



60ml $19.50  0,3 NIC​

Crispy Treats-rice crispies & marshmallows



100ml $27.00  0,3,6 NIC​

Blackberry-blackberry jam, toast & butter

Blueberry - blueberry jam, toast & butter

Grape – grape jam, toast & butter

Raspberry – raspberry jam, toast & butter

Strawberry - strawberry jam, toast, & butter

Custard Monster

- Blueberry

- Strawberry 




Fruit Monster



-Passionfruit Orange Guava

-Frozen Passionfruit Orange Guava


                     TWIST E-liquid

60ml $18.00(2 for $30) 0,3,6 NIC

Strawberry Lemonade

Watermelon Lemonade

Honeydew Melon Chew

Watermelon Madness

Mango Twist

Frosted Sugar Cookie

Banana Oatmeal  Cookie

Strawberry Honey Graham

Pink Punch Lemonade

Berry Medley Lemonade

Crisp Apple Smash

Pepino twist- Cucumber lime

Grape Berry Mix

Pampaya(Pomegranate & papaya)

Space No.1(Strawberry Kiwi Pop-rocks)


60ml $18.00  0,3,6 NIC

Glazed Kronuts-a warm, crispy, flaky croissant donut dipped in a cold glass of milk *Temporarily Out of Stock*




60ml $18.00 0,3,6,12 NIC​

Brain Freeze - strawberry, kiwi, pomegranate & menthol

Hawaiian POG - passionfruit, orange, & guava

Lava Flow - strawberry, pineapple & coconut

Really Berry - blueberry, blackberry & lemon

Very Cool - blueberry, blackberry, raspberry & menthol

Euro Gold- Tobacco 



60 ml  $18.00 0,3,6 NIC

No. 00-Tobacco/Cappuccino 

No. 5-strawberry cheesecake

No. 32-cinnamon funnel cake

              REDS 60ML $18 3,6 NIC

Original -(Apple)

Original-(Apple) Iced

Watermelon Iced

Grape Iced


100ml $27.00 0,3,6 NIC

Strawberry, cereal, donut, and milk.


Lemon, cheesecake, crumble.


Blueberry, cereal, donut, and milk.


Apple cinnamon, donut, and milk.


Marshmallow, milk with a hint of cinnamon.

Vanilla Custard



30ml $20.00

Lost Coast - strawberry/watermelon

--Original 25 or 50 nic

--Reserve 25 or 50 nic

--Ice 25 or 50 nic

--Sour 25 or 50 nic

RIPE 30ml $20.00

Apple Berries 35 or 50 nic

Blue Razzleberry pomegranate 35 or 50 nic

Peachy Mango Pineapple 35 or 50 nic

Juicehead 30ml $20.00

Peach Pear 25 or 50 nic

Savage 30ml $20.00

35 or 50 nic

Harley Quinn -Rasberry Cookie 

Crispy Treats (rice crispy treats) 40 nic


Strawberry Crispy Treats 20 or 40 nic

Naked 100 nic salts

$17.00 35 Nic 

Brain Freeze- Menthol strawberry kiwi pom

                Twist nic salts $15

                  (35 or 50 Nic)


Berry Medley Lemonade

Iced Pucker Punch

Strawberry Crush Ice 

Iced Pink Punch

Pink Punch

Mint 0

                     Finest Nic Salts

                 $20   30 or 50 Nic

Berry Blast

Banana Honey

VCT-Vanilla Custard Tobacco

            Durasmoke nic salts-

                     $15  36 Nic

Classic Tobacco

Sweet Tobacco (temp out of stock)

Classic Menthol

RY4 (temp out of stock)


Tobacco Cocoa

                   Cuttwood $15 35 NIC

Boss Reserve 

Black Rock Nic Salts

$15.00 25 or 50 Nic


Culture Shock - hard candy, sweet & tart, shockingly simple
Default World - a blend of honeydew & watermelon that will rock your world
Java Cow - creamy coffee ice cream
Moonwalker - creamy butter pecan ice cream, no need for a spoon
Reality Bends - a glorious raspberry & strawberry glaze
Sensory Overload - an explosion of mango, peach & lychee
Sparkle Pony - one big bangin bottle of Nerdz candy